Vasay Chaudhry issues public apology for guest, comedian’s comments on overseas Pakistanis

Vasay Chaudhry observed himself in warm water lately after offensive remarks had been made on his famous display, Mazaaq Raat. In a tweet, Chaudhry expressed remorse on behalf of his whole crew, acknowledging the harm due to the beside the point comments. The incident has ignited extensive debate on social media, prompting Chaudhry to announce a formal apology to be aired at some stage in this night’s episode.

The controversy spread out whilst version Sara Neelum belittled overseas Pakistanis, suggesting that they dress sharply of their domestic us of a even as being associated with menial duties, such as cleaning toilets, abroad. Adding to the offense, one of the display’s comedians tried to comply with up with a joke, implying that the well-dressed individuals bring PKR5000 notes in their wallet as a shape of ostentation.

The offensive clip quick circulated on Twitter, eliciting an outpouring of anger and unhappiness from users, who condemned the derogatory feedback focused on overseas Pakistanis. One Twitter person, even as sharing the video, highlighted the worthwhile contributions of overseas Pakistanis to their homeland’s financial system and society. Citing impressive remittance figures of $31.2 billion for the year 2021-2022, the consumer additionally pointed out that Pakistani medical doctors account for 6% of the distant places docs inside the United States and the UK, amongst other terrific achievements in numerous fields.Understanding the gravity of the situation, Chaudhry took to Twitter to explicit his personal apology to all Pakistanis living abroad, acknowledging that the feedback made have been each foolish and offensive. In his heartfelt message, he emphasised the affection and admire his group holds for remote places Pakistanis, regardless of the strained sentiments that can presently exist.

His tweet read, “I need to publicly apologise on behalf of my complete team at Mazaaq Raat. A very silly, vile, and ridiculous comment was made recently approximately foreign places Pakistanis with the aid of one of the visitors in our display which was observed up by using an attempted shaggy dog story via one of the comedians (once more in horrific flavor).”Acknowledging the need for a greater complete reaction, Chaudhry announced that a formal apology could be broadcast in the course of the approaching episode of Mazaaq Raat. The details of the apology have now not been disclosed. Continuing similarly on Twitter, he said, “A formal apology could be aired in this night’s episode. However, I desired to personally apologise to all the Pakistanis residing overseas. We love you, even though you won’t feel the same at this factor, however mistakes are made by means of one’s very own people.”

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