Starve yourselves in order to meet Jesus’: Kenyan police arrests ‘cult preacher’ as it exhumed 21 bodies

In a stunning incident, police exhumed 21 our bodies close to the coastal metropolis of Kenya’s Malindi after villagers complained in opposition to a preacher for training a spiritual “cult” wherein humans were lured to starve till death.

According to the police, the preacher, Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, requested their followers to push themselves into starvation in order “to satisfy Jesus”, BBC said on Sunday.Further, the police said they exhumed the our bodies of 21 people along with kids and added it turned into expected to locate even extra our bodies.

As in step with the reports, the shallow graves are in Shakahola forest, in which 15 members of the Good News International Church had been rescued final week.

Meanwhile, KBC, a country broadcaster, defined him as a “cult leader”, and pronounced that 58 graves have thus far been identified. Also, the police claimed they had been looking forward to more bodies.Local media pronounced that the police arrested him on April 15 after coming across the bodies of 4 people suspected of having starved themselves to loss of life. When police requested the preacher about his religious practices, he denied any wrongdoings and claimed he had shut down his church around four years ago.

Meanwhile, the pathologists will take DNA samples, The Standard mentioned and introduced they will behavior checks to decide whether the victims died of hunger.

It is well worth bringing up that this become now not the first time that the sort of ugly improvement shook the whole world. Kenya is a non secular country and there have been preceding cases of people being lured into risky, unregulated church buildings or cults.

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