Should women have cucumbers during pregnancy? Here’s what nutritionists say

During summers, people have a tendency to consume end result and vegetables that keep them cool and hydrated. Pregnant girls are particularly cautioned to eat a whole lot of clean end result and greens to preserve their health. However, moms-to-be need to be careful about what and what sort of they eat. Nutritionists and medical doctors endorse pregnant girls to have cucumbers. Let’s discover how cucumbers can assist pregnant women.

Cucumbers are a outstanding supply of micronutrients, consisting of vitamin C, diet K, B nutrients, and minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc. These vitamins are critical for healthy growth and improvement of the fetus at some point of pregnancy. B vitamins found in cucumbers, which includes diet B6 and B9, also known as “sense top” nutrients , help ease tension, reduce stress and enhance temper. This may be specifically useful for pregnant girls who revel in common temper swings or anxiety.Cucumbers contain electrolytes, which includes potassium, that assist regulate blood strain tiers at some stage in pregnancy. This is beneficial for pregnant ladies as they may enjoy blood stress fluctuations due to hormonal modifications.

As a diuretic, cucumbers help reduce sodium tiers in the frame and hold fluid balance. This, in turn, can assist stabilize blood pressure degrees for the duration of being pregnant. Maintaining healthy blood strain tiers throughout being pregnant is vital for both the mother and the growing fetus.

However, consuming cucumbers can lead to facet-outcomes like frequent urination because of their excessive salt and water content material, allergic reactions, indigestion, and belching. Nevertheless, the health advantages they offer for the duration of pregnancy are tremendous and can’t be not noted.The survey conducted in January 2023 determined that maximum Indians don’t forget getting a terrific amount of sleep every night important for enhancing the immune machine. Almost half of of them (47%) use a nap tracker to report their sleep habits and patterns to enhance their sleep fitness. However, 30% of the Indian respondents expressed their doubts that treatment may want to enhance their universal fitness and sleep-related problems, with 32% expressing issues approximately the fee of treatment and 30% fearing the potential consequences. The survey found that handiest 20% of respondents might select to consult a medical provider. Most human beings choose in search of recommendation from own family or pals (fifty seven%) and on line resources (37%).

The survey respondents discovered that only 21% of adult males and 24% of ladies have undergone sleep apnea trying out, indicating a low stage of consciousness approximately sleep-related issues. This according to survey is a cause for challenge as globally, round 936 million people are stricken by sleep apnea, with 28 million instances in India on my own.

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