Saff Women’s Championship: ‘Pakistan focused on giving 100 percent’

“We are moving into to present our nice, our a hundred%. That is the mind-set, which is of winning, however we are able to’t count on something,” Pakistan girls’s team manager Qibtia Jamshaid shared from Nepal, as the team will play their 2d in shape of the South Asian Football Federation Women’s Championship in opposition to Bangladesh on Saturday.

Pakistan performed the protecting champions and the handiest champions of Saff, India, on Wednesday in Group A.The country wide women’s team is playing their first international match in eight years. The ladies have been now not capable of play any worldwide occasion because of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) crisis that saw two bans due to the fact 2015 by using FIFA due to the 0.33-party interference.

Qibtia has been a part of the Pakistan football community for greater than a decade, whilst she has served because the PFF respectable. This is also her first stint as the group supervisor.

But she said that it’s far the players who she feels for the most.

“I can’t positioned it into words how I experience now that the women’s crew is returned in action,” Qibtia told The Express Tribune. “I actually have visible a lot. It is unexplainable how I experience for the girls, and representing the country is so big that I do no longer have words for it. I actually have seen these women for one and a half month now.

“I see the players as my kids. That is what my relationship is with them. I actually have visible their progress, their injuries, their recoveries, and we have advised them that we are already pleased with them. We simply want them to provide their a hundred% and winning is not a condition.”

Looking at the emotion earlier than going towards India become big too.

“We have been with the players at some stage in. We advised them that we are satisfied with them, we do now not want them to win, we need them to give their all, show what they’ve found out in the camp and from the coaches. We are proud of them regardless. India have been appearing thoroughly and they had been playing the tournaments and prevailing for years now, but we need to do the high-quality we will,” said Qibtia.

She shed some light on having an open-door coverage with the players. In high-stress situations like being at an worldwide event and for most of the players to be making their debuts as properly, it’s far vital that they do no longer sense alone away from domestic.

“We make certain that they can continually speak to us, whether it’s miles an on-subject trouble or a personal problem because we don’t need them to sense by myself. Even even though they are far from their households we need to make certain that they may be secure, whether they may be education, doing yoga or on the gymnasium. So that is one of the methods to hold the strain in control and keep them mentally centered,” stated Qibtia.

She brought that in the championship it is easy to see India being ahead of the % as they have got evolved ladies’s sport over the years.

“When I study the region, I see that the women from all the nations have same constructed, top and there are plenty of similarities, but then lots of these groups were making ready for loads longer than Pakistan are becoming the possibility to.

“We had a month whilst other groups had been education for extra than a 12 months and they may be energetic. I feel with extra time we will defeat India too in the future,” she stated, adding Pakistan can perform nicely towards Maldives.

She delivered that she has acquired messages from across the united states of america by using exceptional coaches and golf equipment saying that the team become higher than what they anticipated. Meanwhile, she said that different nations in Nepal have been heat to Pakistan and their performance towards India as properly.

“Other countries were very supportive understanding that our ladies have now not played in eight years,” she stated.

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