Mission in ‘contact’ with Pakistani inmates in Libya

The Foreign Office spokesperson on Saturday stated that Pakistan’s assignment changed into in touch with Pakistani-beginning detainees in Libya and was interacting with the United Nations for his or her medical test-u.S.And provision of medicines.

In reaction to the media queries concerning Pakistani nationals detained in Benghazi, Libya, spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch stated: “On the commands of the foreign minister, our Charge d’affaires in Tripoli, Ashiq Ali, visited the detention centre in Benghazi and met with the detainees of Pakistani origin. Food and fundamental requirements were supplied to them.”

She said, “Our challenge is in touch with the United Nations clinical crew for ordinary check-u.S.And provision of drug treatments to the detainees. The mission also stays in contact with the IOM for their early repatriation.”Under Section eighty one (National Civil Aviation Security Policy and Programme), it’s miles stated that as quickly as may be, however no later than 180 days of the coming into force of this Act, the Secretary shall draw a countrywide aviation protection coverage; the director standard shall draw a programme for bringing the policy into impact. It provides that the coverage and programme will be constant with Pakistan’s duties underneath the convention; and shall respectively be accepted by the federal government and the minister.

The next phase says that there shall be a National Civil Aviation Security Committee to advise on the countrywide civil aviation protection policy; evaluation, recommend and enforce measures for the effectiveness of aviation security measures and strategies; and offer for the coordination and diligent implementation of the country wide civil aviation safety program.

Section 102 offers the strength to seize, detain, or break an unmanned aircraft.
Section 121 defines the penalty for failure to comply with directions for manage of the height and so forth. Of buildings and so forth., announcing it shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may additionally enlarge to 365 days or with a high-quality which can also enlarge to 1,000,000 rupees.Section 37 makes it mandatory to fulfill the suit and right character take a look at to preserve privileges. Section 39 (powers of the Director General to take examinations and so on.) says that for the reason of granting or renewing an aviation document, or to decide as though the holder continues to be a suit and proper individual to maintain it, the director fashionable might also set, behavior, and administer such examination or check which includes a test to evaluate applicant’s understanding, competency, talent, revel in and aptitude in relation to the character and requirements of the report as he considers to be necessary or convenient.

Under section forty seven (requirement to have aircraft registered), no plane shall fly, from to, within, or over Pakistan unless it’s far registered in Pakistan, a contracting State of the ICAO or another kingdom that is party to an settlement with Pakistan presenting for every other’s recognition of registration of aircraft.

Section fifty one (aircraft to have a certificates of airworthiness) states that an plane registered in Pakistan shall not fly in or over Pakistan, except there is, regarding that plane, a present day certificate of airworthiness, duly issued or validated by means of the Director General.

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