Imran Khan dismisses threat from ‘foreign agencies’, says men from Pakistan trying to kill him

Dismissing Pakistan government’s claim that his life is below hazard from “overseas organizations”, ousted high minister Imran Khan on Thursday made a stunning claim that he has diagnosed six humans in the united states, consisting of three sparkling ones, who plotted to kill him.

Khan in a series of tweets on Thursday stated that he has made a new video which his team has despatched to his friends overseas. He claims, ‘who want to kill him and would be out in public in case he’s assassinated’ “Interior minister (Sanaullah) says my life is beneath hazard from foreign businesses. Let me make it clear to the entire u . S . A . That the best threat to my lifestyles is from the 3 humans I named after Wazirabad assassination try. Same three, + three greater I have identified in a video assertion, tried to get rid of me on March 18 in ICT Judicial Complex,” Khan said. “Among the six, 3 are the ones whom I had named in the FIR after an assassination attempt on my existence in Punjab in November closing 12 months,” Khan introduced.

After a gun assault on his rally in the Wazirabad location, a few 150-km from Lahore, in which he suffered bullet accidents to his leg, Khan blamed Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and ISI’s top officer Major General Faisal Naseer for hatching a plot to assassinate him.

In his tweets, Khan categorically stated that if he’s assassinated, those to be blamed would be the ones named inside the video. “If any strive is made now on my lifestyles, these equal people can be responsible. Just as they tried to pin the blame for the Wazirabad attack on a spiritual extremist – a trifling smokescreen – they are now looking to create any other deception of foreign companies,” he stated.”I want to make it crystal clear to the nation that the handiest human beings chargeable for any attempt on my life may be the human beings I actually have recognized. They are petrified I can be elected again to power & maintain them accountable, subsequently their efforts to assassinate me,” he said.

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