‘I just want to live’: how UK Amazon workers came to brink of strike

Idon’t need Jeff Bezos’s boat, I in reality don’t want his rocket – but I just want to stay,” says George (now not his real call), who works at Amazon’s sizeable Coventry “fulfilment centre”, and has turn out to be worried in setting up workers there.

“I shouldn’t have to work 60 hours per week just to pay bills,” he says. “I’ve got children. Kids want shoes, school uniform; they want to devour. I had a debt collector ship me a letter. I phoned them again and we went thru my wages and my outgoings and she or he stated, ‘I don’t recognise how you’re staying alive’.”

Describing the running environment within the warehouse, he says: “To be fair, I’ve worked in worse locations. The centers are quite excellent.”

But he provides: “It’s greater approximately how you are handled; so having to face for 10 hours a day. If you’re stuck sitting down, you get what’s called an ‘adapt’, which is sort of a six-week caution. That sits to your document, and if you’re caught doing it once more, you’re out the door. It just plays mind games with you.”

The staff, who paintings spherical the clock in shifts, type hundreds of merchandise into “totes”, to be sent directly to every other Amazon fulfilment centre, packaged up into character orders, after which dispatched out to clients – and are given strict objectives to meet.

“It adjustments by means of the dimensions of the item. So in case you’ve were given small items like jewellery or something, you’ve were given to do approximately 350 an hour. It’s like dealing cards. And then if you’re doing huge objects, like a toaster, it’s possibly forty five-50 an hour.”

He remembers someday within the summer whilst he and his colleagues, who labored at some stage in the Covid pandemic, were informed their annual pay increase might be 50p an hour. Outraged, they staged a spontaneous protest, gathering within the workforce canteen.

“The control came down, and stated – thru a bullhorn – you want to appoint five people to come back upstairs and negotiate your needs. And I positioned my hand up and said, ‘We can’t, due to the fact Amazon doesn’t allow unions. If we choose 5 human beings to represent us, that with the aid of definition is a union.’

“We commenced speakme and we got here up with a plan. We just took a day without work, didn’t come to work, and we decided to fulfill in Coventry.

“And the GMB were given wind of it and stated, ‘Can we talk to you and tell you what we’re supplying?’ I joined that day and I’m amazed now simply how many union participants there are.”

After their protest, he says, “we had a right briefing at the begin of the shift, to say, ‘Amazon doesn’t negotiate with unions, will no longer understand unions, and the 50p’s the 50p.’ And then the ballot for business action started out”.

“No other Amazon inside the UK has were given this some distance with the union before, and we’re on the point of putting. I realize everybody’s looking us,” he says. “They might not need to barter with us or even communicate to us – but the rest of the arena is watching.”

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