Audience is used to this: Mohammed Ahmed slams current TV content

In a latest episode of Mazaaq Raat, acclaimed actor Mohammed Ahmed spread out approximately the established trend of poisonous content that dominates the choices of a extensive portion of the target audience. Ahmed delved into the repercussions faced while a narrative deviates from this style, shedding mild on the demanding situations faced by artists in such occasions. Furthermore, he candidly addressed the issue of repetitive roles that he has encountered throughout his profession.

The veteran actor talked about the connection between scripts and target audience rankings. “When, in the serial, the girl became being overwhelmed, the rating turned into high. In this episode, on the 8th minute, the lady held her mother-in-law’s hand and proclaimed that she can now not be beaten – the score fell. This way that our target audience, like routine drug addicts whom you can not fault, is used to this. You keep giving them an oppressed, crushed lady or a love triangle, and the target audience may be glad.”Continuing in addition, he said, “As quickly as you deliver the lady electricity, or show her being strong the target audience changes the channel.” When requested through Chaudhry whether this pattern was a microcosm of the bigger sociopolitical scenario, Ahmed agreed. “It is like this. We have a habit of beating ourselves up. We like crying. Tragedy is filled interior us. Making our humans giggle could be very tough. But our people cry without problems.”

When requested approximately his doing and seeing changing roles on tv, Ahmed stated, “I have become used to this – in every serial, I had to cry, after which die within the 18th episode. Either the twelfth or the 18th,” prompting laughter from host Vasay Chaudhry and the target audience. He went directly to kingdom, “When I said that I will not die, they solid me in a serial wherein I needed I became useless.”

Ahmed additionally stated that if one is a creator, one must chorus from writing, for the reason that certain approval-giving our bodies will not permit that content material be actualised. “We ought to have the addiction of announcing sure,” he said solemnly, with undertones of sombre sarcasm.

Ahmed’s sincere and insightful feedback shed mild at the broader difficulty of content choices and creative boundaries everyday within the enjoyment enterprise. By addressing those worries, he has sparked a giant discussion about the need for fresh narratives, meaningful man or woman improvement, and the importance of embracing diverse storytelling.

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